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Metastasis is responsible for most of cancer deaths. The mission of our laboratory is to apply modern molecular biology, genomics, and computational b
Field(s) of Research: Cancer, Genomics
Disease Focus: Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer
Website: http://www.molbio1.princeton.edu/kang/
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Molecular mechanism of cancer metastasis
Metastasis, the spread of cancer cells from the primary tumor to distant organs, is the most dreadful development of neoplastic diseases. The mission of our laboratory is to apply modern molecular biology, genomics, and computational biology approaches to understand the molecular basis of cancer metastasis. Major areas of research in our laboratory includes: identification and functional characterization of metastasis genes, pre-clinical evaluation of anti-metastasis therapeutics, development of advanced imaging technology and non-invasive detection of tumor-stroma interaction during metastasis, the role of miRNA in cancer progression and metastasis, molecular characterization of mammary gland stem cells and their link to breast tumor stem cells.
Keywords metastasis, breast cancer, mouse model, in vivo imaging, EMT, miRNAs, mammary gland stem cells

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