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We study the mechanisms of assembly and function of peripheral nervous system circuits underlying somatosensation and autonomic control of the body.
Field(s) of Research: Neurosciences
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Sarah Sarsfield
Lab Manager
Dori Reimert
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David Ginty
Kevin Wright
Anthony Harrington
Lishi Li
Yin Liu
Victoria Abraira
Research Associate
Amanda Zimmerman
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Kathryn Lehigh
Graduate Student
Growth and Survival Signals Controlling Nervous System Development
The function of the nervous system is dependent upon trillions of neural connections. Not only must the organism generate neuronal numbers appropriate for the needs of targets being innervated, but it must also instruct these neurons to extend axons, elaborate dendrites, and generate synapses to establish proper connectivity. The goals of our laboratory are to identify key molecular events underlying axonal growth and survival and to establish the principles governing development of the vertebrate peripheral nervous system.

Our primary focus is on identification and characterization of key ligandÔÇôreceptor systems, and their intracellular signals, that control axonal growth, target field innervation and neuronal survival in the mammalian peripheral nervous system. Current projects in the laboratory address: 1) Mechanisms of nerve growth factor (NGF) control of gene expression in sensory and sympathetic neurons; 2) Mechanisms of long-range retrograde NGF signaling in neurons; 3) Axon guidance mechanisms that control establishment of peripheral nervous system circuits, and; 4) Identification of intracellular mediators of neuronal growth factor receptors that support axonal growth and survival. Our research projects make use of chemical, reverse and forward genetic strategies in the mouse, complemented with anatomical and biochemical approaches, enabling in vitro and in vivo analyses of neuronal growth factor mechanism and function.
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