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Plasmid Name pDEST-GBKT7+HsMUB_SaaX*
Alt Name/ID p384
Backbone pDEST-GBKT7
Gene/Insert HsMUB_SaaX*
Alt Insert Name UBL3
Insert Size 354
Species H. sapiens (human)
Entrez Gene ID UBL3 (Homo sapiens) (DKFZp434K151, FLJ32018, HCG-1, PNSC1)
Promoter yADH1, T7
Mutations/Deletions C114S
Tag 1 (e.g. GFP, HA) c-Myc
Location of Tag 1 N terminal on backbone
Bacterial Resistance Kanamycin
Selectable Marker TRP1
Plasmid Sequence View Sequence
Source Created in Lab
Source, Specify R. Dowil
Notes Product of an LR clonase reaction between MluI-cut pENTR/D-TOPO+HsMUB_SaaX* (p371) and pDEST-GBKT7 (p199).
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