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Name GFP-AtMUB1_SaaX - Line A
Alt Name/ID M1SA
Species A. thaliana (mustard weed)
Ecotype Columbia-0
Type Transgene
Transformed with Plasmid pEGAD+MUB1_SaaX*
Transgene 35S::GFP-MUB1_SaaX*
Transgene Description Transgenic Arabidopsis plant line overexpressing GFP-tagged, unprenylatable AtMUB1_SaaX.
Selectable Marker for Transgene Basta
Source Created in Lab
Source, Specify B. Downes
Notes Generation of transgenic plants described in Downes et al. (2006) J.Biol.Chem. 281(37) 27145–27157.
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