NF-kappaB in carcinoma therapy and prevention.

Brown M, Cohen J, Arun P, Chen Z, Van Waes C
Associated Labs:
Dan Rockey Laboratory (National Institute of Health)
Expert Opin Ther Targets. 2008 Sep . 12(9):1109-22.
PMID: 18694378
BACKGROUND: NF-kappaB includes a family of signal-activated transcription factors that normally regulate responses to injury and infection but which are aberrantly activated in many carcinomas. OBJECTIVE: To review the activation and role of NF-kappaB in pathogenesis and as a target for treatment and prevention in carcinoma. METHODS: Evidence from experimental, epidemiological, preclinical studies and clinical trials cited in the literature are reviewed. RESULTS/CONCLUSION: Cumulative evidence implicates NF-kappaB in cell survival, inflammation, angiogenesis, spread and therapeutic resistance during tumor development, progression and metastasis of carcinomas. Non-specific natural and synthetic agents that inhibit NF-kappaB have demonstrated activity and safety in prevention or therapy. NF-kappaB-activating kinases and the proteasome are under investigation for targeted prevention and therapy of carcinoma.

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