[KAISO--a new member of the BTB/POZ family specifically bindsto methylated DNA sequences]

Prokhorchuk AV, AÄ­tkhozhina DS, Sablina AA, Ruzov AS, Prokhorchuk EB
Associated Labs:
Sablina Lab (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
Genetika. 2001 Jun . 37(6):737-44.
PMID: 11517759
A protein specifically binding a symmetrically methylated DNA fragment of the first intron of the mts1 gene was studied. The protein was purified by gel filtration and affinity chromatography. Mass spectrometry showed that the protein is Kaiso, a new member of the BTB/POZ family. To study the association with methylated DNA sequences in vivo, the location of Kaiso in NIH 3T3 cells was analyzed. Immunofluorescent staining with polyclonal antibodies against Kaiso showed that the protein is predominantly associated with the nucleoli. The causes of its distribution awaits further investigation. The zinc-finger domains of Kaiso were for the first time demonstrated to specifically recognize symmetrically methylated DNA sequences in vitro.

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