Name Positive Pressure Hood Systems, H-Series, 3M* - Supplied Air–L
Vendor VWR International
Catalog No. 56222-616
Unit Each
Unit Price $124.54
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Positive pressure hoods provide a high level of respiratory protection while allowing easy breathing. Lightweight, loose-fitting Tychem* QC hoods feature a unique airflow design to prevent fogging. Hoods feature a solvent-resistant polyester face shield that is U-shaped to provide excellent peripheral and downward vision. Hoods are available with hard hat or cap suspension with a choice of collar or inner shroud design. The inner shroud is tucked into protective garments for additional comfort.

Breathing tubes are supplied with connector and clamps. The lightweight breathing tube 56222-644 is 101cm (40") long, and can be cut to desired length. Reusable breathing tube 56221-388 is 91cm (36") long.

PAPR systems come with either a web belt, a vinyl belt, or a comfort belt.

Supplied air is provided through either a high- or low-pressure assembly. High-pressure assembly has three control devices to choose from. Vortex cooling assemblies let the worker regulate airflow and cool air by as much as 28°C (50°F). Vortemp* heating assembly lets the worker regulate airflow and warm air by as much as 28°C (50°F). Air regulating valve assembly allows the worker to regulate airflow to the headgear. High-pressure air supply hose comes in 7.6m, 15.2m, or 30.5m lengths (25', 50', or 100'). The low-pressure assembly also regulates the airflow to the headgear. Low-pressure air supply hose comes in 7.6m, 15.2m, or 30.5m (25', 50', or 100') lengths.

All systems are NIOSH approved when properly assembled.

Caution: All 3M products must be used in accordance with OSHA regulations and the user instructions, warnings, and limitations accompanying each product.

Ordering Information: Each PAPR system includes motor blower, battery pack, battery charger, flow meter, power cord, blower plugs, and belt. Hood assemblies, breathing tubes, and cartridges sold separately.

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