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Alt Name/ID 20959
Backbone PB-TET
Backbone Size 9186
Gene/Insert cMyc, KLF4, Oct4, Sox2
Insert Size 5046
Species M. musculus (mouse)
Tag 1 (e.g. GFP, HA) IRES-bGeo
Location of Tag 1 C terminal on backbone
Cloning Site 5' attB1
5' Site Destroyed No
Cloning Site 3' attB2
3' Site Destroyed No
5' Sequence Primer M13 F, T7
3' Sequence Primer M13 R, T3
Bacterial Resistance Ampicillin
Selectable Marker Neomycin
Special Growth Conditions Plasmid grows in standard E. coli at 37C.
Notes Type of vector: Mammalian expression

High Copy

This plasmid was derived from a plasmid from MKOS liked by 2A peptides obtained from Keisuke Kaji et al (Nature. 2009 Mar 1) piggyBac terminal repeats obtained from Pentao Liu at Sanger.

Additional reference, Kaji et al Nature. 2009 Mar 1.\n\n\nAny PB vector has to have the PBase vector to 'piggyBac transpose' the\nconstruct into the genome. You can get this vector, named pCyL43, from the Sanger institute's plasmid repository at\n\nThere is an Sanger MTA that must be signed and is available on their website.
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